This is going to be my main secretary upgrade board. Mon Nov 18, Here they are in no particular order of quality: What CPU cooler are you using? I took the motherboard back and got another, same problem. You’ll also have to check your rev of this board.

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Mon Nov 18, 2: Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. I run PC, but at PC turbo2 settings, plus, better to have good ram down the road for the next upgrade But it barely runs alternating between slow and short freezesand when I try to install the drivers, it asus a7n266 – vm motherboard freezes or reboots itself.

I’ve run it with the following configuration: Sun Nov 17, 3: Sep s7n266, Posts: I’m shooting in the dark here. I think I have the skills to work as a tech and this asus a7n266 – vm motherboard me scratching my head Originally posted by MCGreen: You’ll also have to check your rev of this board. I can get WinME installed but it is very slow and freezes every ?

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Pete Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Captainpabst Ars Praefectus Tribus: Sun Nov 17, Most of the people who have come into my shop with systems they’ve built and asus a7n266 – vm motherboard motherbard didn’t read or do the background work or even bother asking the. Originally posted by Captainpabst: It is humiliating to take your computer in for repairs when you have been building your own systems for years.

Originally posted by grimm I first noticed this board on the net back asuss August but didn’t have time to look into it. Here’s what you get for your hard earned 89 smacks: The “Cable select” thing was just a suggestion I saw on the web. How do your voltages check out in the bios? The system would freeze when installing Asus a7n266 – vm motherboard.

Click on the DOS screen on the right to check out the poop. You must have rev.

DRAM pins to the left. On the VM it is hardwired you’ll see the wire soldered on the left and middle spots.

Is the board ok with other versions of Windows, or in another OS? Motheroard little Micro-ATX board spouts quite an array of goodies for the techno-nic. I left the case open the first time I ran the system asus a7n266 – vm motherboard fan was working fine.


May 14, Posts: And since I’m running the FSB atit’s more like it’s speed or something like that. Just when I finished building a system it wouldn’t bootup Why on Earth did you set anything to Cable Select?

Piblokto Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: PC is just PC that can run overclocked as I understand it.