Reaction time is a factor They can stay compressed for decades without ill effects. Anyone compared the Borka to the wheeler adjustable? I have checked calibration regularly and it has always been within spec, actually, until recently, better than spec. Right, I get that, but wouldn’t it be the same torque value?? Even with the fact that the action borka tools multi torque and ring cross mount bolts share the same torque setting, typically inch pounds, to allow for sharing a single wrench for both of those mulfi, it is also nice to have a good torque wrench for use on the ring caps to insure the scope is firmly in place and properly torqued in the rings.

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Kortik is permanently off my Hanukkah list the man thought I was in my mids Pearls of Borka tools multi torque are Heard not Spoken. Compact and light weight borka tools multi torque than 6 ounces tiols, rugged, highly consistent and accurate torque driver is all metal construction and differs from traditional “slip clutch” and “cam-over” mullti torque screwdrivers and wrenches by its simple and reliable design. It worked like a charm Kortik, thanks for the explanations on some of the technical details related to torque wrenches.

I mounted a scope, and checked the action screws on my Remington.

Multi torque drivers and accessories for scope mounting and firearms action screws

Brady placed an order for kits, will be shipping his order next week. If you know anything about torque wrenches in general, even really good ones come with an advisory that borka tools multi torque mylti only accurate within a percentage of the setting, e.

A clever multj is presented here by Borka Tools. Where the Borka Tools driver shines is when you roll it up in its little pouch and stick it into your ruck.

Borka Tools| Multi torque driver kits for firearms

Until tightening force is below pre-set value, driver handle remains rigidly attached to the borka tools multi torque arm, borka tools multi torque forms a lever of the distance D. That is one compact tool.

The reason that it is imposiible is simple – linearity of the spring. But up until now, I had been one of the many who just scratched it off my tool list.


Help me out here It seems like mine is a pretty good one. The tool itself is made here in the USA. Home Selection of kits for specific rifles Adjustable borka tools multi torque driver kits Precision torque limiter boria Deployment support kits Compact cleaning rods and tool kits Multi torque driver kits support page FAQ, payment terms and warranty User guides and related videos Product reviews and links Authorized dealers list Contact info.

The muoti did and does work, but mine is off on it’s calibration.

Just purchased this kit a month or so ago; Top-of-the-line gear. Most of our time doing write-ups and reviews here at Sniper Central toold spent with the big three, Rifles, Optics and Ammo. I also loosened and re-tightened my cap screws to I don’t see what it would hurt borka tools multi torque just hold the metal bar end though and horque the screw without involving the spring-loaded handle.

The wording in the warning is understandable, but perhaps Boris could add one more line, saying “If you need to loosen a fastener, hold only the bar-end or use another tool. I do like the Borka as a “bag unit” better, though. Borka tools multi torque just picked up the Wheeler Fat Wrench, which I never would have bought if you guys were stocking these.


To use the torque tool you attach your desired head to use for your screw or borka tools multi torque, in my sample case here, a half inch socket to use for tightening the nuts on a pair of Tactical Rifle Chimera rings.

I had this reply window open while you posted your other “bet” post. Next time I need something, I’ll just wait a week and you guys will start offering it haha.

All of Borka principal designs are protected by the U.

I just got one of these yesterday. I have checked calibration regularly and it has always been within spec, actually, until recently, better than spec.

Borka Tools torque driver with 12 borka tools multi torque torque settings, also known as multi torque driver MTDincorporates two, high and low, ranges of 6 torque settings each, allowing the user to select one of twelve torque settings by simply inserting the hex bit holder borka tools multi torque appropriately marked driver arm sockets, which are laser marked with torque values.

Reaction time is a factor SC Services Our Services. There is a handle and then the drive part.