Remove the rear pressure roller 1. Release the control board AKGI 2 from the bracket 3. Control Board to Printhead 4. Color Consumable Both Bracket: Page Drifting Margin Possible Causes: Pull the head clamp 2 towards the right and then rotate it up to release the printhead 3. Tilt the board to access the connectors.

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Oki Microline 590 Printer Ribbon Cartridges – 52106001 Cartridges

Check the tension of all the front pressure rollers to see if they are the same. Operator Panel Function is an item in the Set-up Group.

Does the printer initialize? The carriage should move smoothly. Is the carriage assembly binding or jammed? Using a non-Okidata ribbon may damage the printhead and void any warranties.

OKIDATA Microline 590 User Manual

Place the printer in the Serial Diagnostic mode. Place continuous feed oki microline 590 in the appropriate tractor. When the encoder disk interrupts the photo sensors, the signals Phase Micrroline and Phase B are generated. Does the space motor assembly move manually? Hexadecimal Dump Mode 4. Replace the RSC board.

The front pressure springs for the Microline 3A have three extensions. Change the interface cable. One is contained oki microline 590 the printhead and the other in the printhead driver. Page Cable: Remove the left 3 and right connector holders 4. In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must pki the exhausted platen assembly by pushing the two release-levers inwards, and then oki microline 590 the exhausted component from the impact printer.

Be sure to test the printer after replacing each part. microlins


Make sure the power connector cable is properly connected to CN3 on the main control board. Check the power cord oki microline 590 to the outlet and to the printer. Transmits and receives serial data to and from the printhead based on the dot timing which is derived from the oki microline 590 motor speed. Remove the idle gear 1. By monitoring the voltage drop every microseconds, the MPU is able to control and maintain the impact necessary for each printhead pin.

Oki Microline Printer Ribbon Cartridge and Printer Supplies at

Check operation before replacing next item in list. The power to the main control board is supplied by the power supply assembly through a wire harness. This oki microline 590 is used to determine the optimum drive time for the next print request. Find the RAP which is associated with the printer’s problem.

The ribbon drive mechanism is composed oki microline 590 the following items. Control Board to Printhead 4.

Selects Group Function Item: Page Replace the main control board. Do the operation panel LEDs light when power is applied?

Cut the nylon tie and release the cable. The printer is in the Print Suppress mode. Continuous paper is fed by these two tractors at the same time.