In Easy mode, the menu text becomes larger, and only two menu options are offered: Sign in to have your contact details filled in for you. Overall, the record and playback screens met my needs and expectations well. Its “Easy” mode handled a wide range of lighting conditions unusually well, making this a good camera for novices or non-technical users: Macro focusing is possible down to a minimum of four centimeters.

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I’ve already voiced my complaints about the Sony W’s menu system, so I won’t belabor the point here. Payment Details Payment Terms: I don’t want to belabor the point, as many small cameras share similar issues, it’s just that the very smooth front of the case left me priter a little uneasy about the security of my grip: The resulting images make great-looking 4×6 inch prints, but 8×10 enlargements look somewhat soft.

On the whole, though, its flash photos looked surprisingly good when printed at 8×10 inches and below.

It’s also a fingerprint magnet, but that’s common to most all camera LCD panels. Overall, flash shots aren’t the W’s strong suit; expect some loss of subtle detail. Detail in ISO shots is more acceptable at 5×7 inch print sizes. Read our in-depth Canon IXUS review to find out if it offers a winning combination of style and substance ISO Printed results look good at at 11×14 inches, with good color and detail, while 13×19 inch prints were a little soft. Buy Now Contact Canno.


Sony DSC-W Review

Most consumer-level users will be happy with the results produced by it. Seeing is believing, you will trust our cartridge quality after trying. In both record and playback mode, the available information overlays give you as much or as little information as you need on camera operation, and include a histogram display, the latter somewhat unusual to find in low- to mid-range consumer cameras.

The battery and memory card are both hidden behind a bottom-panel hatch that latches when closed and slid to its locking position.

Ink level function can be reset. Any issues I had with the camera’s operation had more to do with its menu system see below than its physical controls. In movie mode, the stabilization options reduce to always-on continuous or off, and you’ll probably want to leave it on all the time, for the sake of capturing steadier-looking movies.

Keep in mind, though, that we’re zoomed way in on the images here; the W is a megapixel sensor. Shooting with the camera proved to be more pleasant than I’d have pringer, and I was particularly impressed with how well its Easy mode handled a wide range of conditions. As the applied voltage, the resistor heats up and produces bubble which forces the ink to jet out to form a drop.

The Sony W’s record and playback screens are sharp and clear, thanks to its high-quality LCD display. The Sony W was a camera that I warmed to the more I used it. Read our in-depth Samsung WB30F review to find prinetr if it’s worth the modest asking price The Sony W’s flash recycles in 5.


Like many cameras, the corners of the frame priinter rather soft when shooting this close, but performance is good overall. Use ; orto separate multiple recipients. Both Auto and Incandescent white balance settings left just a little too much warm cast for our tastes prinfer this test, shot under household incandescent lighting.

This wider coverage can come in handy when shooting indoors or in cramped quarters. The users who’d most benefit from this are the ones least likely to find and select it on the shooting menu.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220

The Sony W rendered this shot with a slight reddish cast, but it’s within the range of what most people could probably consider acceptable. When it detects the smile, the camera will trigger the shutter.

Small Order Recommendation Loading One thing that I did find slightly annoying was the Sony W’s stepwise zoom operation. One piece of good news, though: Currently, more advanced and revolutionary devices have been developed and expected to provide this industry new solution for the firmware upgrades of cartridges.

The Sony W will slide easily into most pockets, and weighs in at less than 5 ounces.