When you steal you are truly stealing control of the locomotive instead of sharing it as was the case before the DCS and DT R2 firmware were released. March 24, DCC Guy. With the PTB the results were the same as for the Sprog3. April 25, DCC Guy. Also, none of the devices and configurations had any problems with the DN93FX. It had no problems writing in ops mode.

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Assemble the PR3 hardware as shown in the diagram below and connect to an appropriate power supply Digitrax PS14 or equivalent.

April 25, DCC Guy. You can download sound projects from the Digitrax Sound Depot web site www. I then tested each as a stand alone programmer by ppr3 the decoder type, addresses, CV29, and lights pane on the DN93FX, and the type, basic pane CV29, addresses, mfgand the sound pane horn, bell, prime mover, throttle type, etc.

In addition the PR3 can write to and read from any CV of most current non sound mobile and function decoders found in today’s market place. Click Save at the bottom of the preferences window, quit the program and restart.

Product Support for: Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3)

If there is no sound, first make sure the decoder is not muted: Using the PR3 Programming Track To use the PR3 programming track, connect the PR3 to its power supply and to a dedicated piece of track which you’ll use as pr33 programming track.


Digital Command Control is incorporated within the Digitrax system to let you control multiple trains independently on the same section of track without blocking.

Personally I think it can be hard at first to tell the difference between a blink and a wink and have always been confused by this description. You can substitute different. Shrink may be peeled back to expose pads for adding function wires. Overall the PR3 digitrxa a reliable programmer when used with Digitrax decoders and most non-sound decoders from other manufacturers.

Insulate the unused function leads so they cannot short to the locomotive frame or track power. To add other third party decoder The diesel version comes preloaded with 6 prime movers and various horns and bells. The difitrax for the UP5 includes this phrase: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

My sound decoder has a capacitor, why do I need a PX? The PR3 is the combination of two previous Digitrax devices: You can use it to modify and load sound files to your LokSound decoders. What is the problem? KB Single Programming Track – Multiple Programming Sources How can I connect my PR3 programming output to an existing programming track on my layout that is already set up for programming and mainline operations? When you select a Loco that is selected on However, the Digitrax PR3 is a horse of a different color in that respect.


What are vigitrax different operational modes available in the PR3? Some users repot that using a 18 VDC regulated power supply enables them to reliably read sound decoder CVs via the PR3 programming track. Join The Digitrax User Group.

JMRI Hardware Support – Connecting to a Digitrax PR3 (Xtra)

Not all cables on the market will work. This was one of the problems that folks ran into when Digitrax first released the duplex throttles. This program allows convenient Duplex system setup for any UR92 on Always make sure you are using the latest version of DigiIPL to update your hardware.

Also, none of the devices and configurations had any problems with the DN93FX. No jumpers or switches required. After updating the DTs to R2 it is recommended that you reset the throttle to factory default. Connect the Red and Black track wires from the 7 connector Track and Function leads to the locomotive track power connections.