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Sup Miami. I'll be in touch. So first requirement is must love sex, then you have to be nice to me all the time. I'm very strongathletic and like to get outside and giobert.

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Comments Ezekiel Gilbert denied he meant to kill Craigslist escort. Gilbert admitted shooting Frago. I have nightmares. If I see guns on TV where people are getting killed, I change the channel.

The trial began May 17 but had a long hiatus after a juror unexpectedly had to leave town for a funeral. During closing arguments Tuesday, Gilbert's defense team conceded the shooting did occur but said the intent wasn't to kill.

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It became theft when she refused to have sex with him or give the money back, they said. But instead, Frago walked around his apartment and after about 20 minutes left, saying she had to give the money to her driver, he said.

That driver, the defense contended, was Frago's pimp and her partner in the theft scheme. Most Popular.