Mission 13 – Phnom Penh ‘ Just seize the package. You’ll see an Ammu-Nation on the left side of the road. HP 18 – Go to the next bridge to the north, the one that leads to Starfish Island, and take the path that goes under the bridge. Firetruck Peterbilt Thibault truck ”88 Locations: Throughout the game, such as during the Sub-missions, the collection of Hidden Packages, and even certain story missions, you’ll frequently use the in-game Map–at least times. As you fly over it, you’ll see a Rampage icon near the package.

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Mission #42 – The Shootist for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Follow the path on the right side of it to the end. The assault rifle has a long range vlce an automatic feature and it makes the mission easy. The package is in the northwest corner. Go west to the pink wall then turn left and go to the end of the passage to steal the package.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Videos – iGrandTheftAuto

Mission 44 – The Job. Age Rating You must be at least 17 years old to download this application. If you do them missiob a disorderly way near the beginning, there’s a chance you’ll forget what you’ve done and everything will get messed up. Welcome to Vice City! Don’t bother getting rid of wanted ratings. Sunshine auto washington car help. Now you have the two of the best features you can have–the infinite run and Health.


HP 33 – Go to the diving board on the east side of the same building. Copyright – ChapterCheats.

HP 18 – Go to the next bridge to the north, the one that leads to Starfish Island, and take the path that goes under the bridge. Like the Gtz Mission, it has 12 levels. After getting the Hunter Apache helicopteryour mission will be ridiculously easy. It’s time for you to get all The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The Rampage icon is near the ramp for it. You have to drop off passengers, not consecutively, in the time required for each delivery to complete the Taxi Mission.

You’ll find another “EP” Admiral. Mission 34 – Bombs Away! He’ll jump from the rooftop and ride away with his companion who’s driving a dune buggy.

As usual, stand in the middle of the road to shred gang members, and use your bike to search for more gangsters. Walk around the building so you can grab the package. When you approach each patient, just go close enough to trigger their response.


Mission 29 – Publicity Tour. So it’s best to blow up their car before they get the chance. Get any fast, durable car. Use your chopper to get there. At level 4, you have to chase a moving car that’s on fire. Hte page 1 of 2 pages Next Last.

You’re given 2 minutes to kill 25 gang members with an M4. North of this clothes shop is a parking garage sign. When two or more are killed, sprint to the roadside again and bring a few more into the same area.