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I was named after my father and my deceased brother. I was the seventh son. My father was a seventh son, and his father was a seventh son.

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According to legend, koreaan are either spiritually or psychically gifted or both. I was the youngest of eight children, having seven brothers and one sister. Both of them had dreams of the United States being the land of opportunity. They had no relatives here at the time they immigrated. Mother left two sisters and one brother behind in Italy. They all came to the States within the next three or four years. Dad left five brothers and two sisters behind. Another one went to Ohio.

They moved to Springfield, Massachusetts where Alfonse was born in Juneand then Frank was born in September My brother Albert was born in Connecticut inthen Thomas was born there in June of The rest of us were all born in the Bronx. We always lived in an cainsville mo milf personals building in an area known as Little Italy.

Italians woman seeking nsa golf up about 80 percent of the gorough there. The rest were Irish, Jewish, and two unrelated Spanish families. Mom never worked outside of the house. Dad was an electrician. He and his older brother Thomas formed their own company, the Bronx Electric Company, but lost it with the market crash in After the crash, Dad got work intermittently as an electrician and did many odd jobs that he did not care for.

With seven children to feed, he eventually applied for Home Relief forerunner of modern day welfare. The only time I was away from home was at summer escort service manila as a boy for two weeks every summer under the welfare program of New York City.

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Fordham Road, both in the Bronx. I was 11 years old and worked from to p.

I also did small odd jobs such as painting fences, cutting grass, etc. My money was turned into the household. My siblings all worked and chipped in to the general fund as long as they were still living at home. I remember when World War II broke out. The announcer said that President Roosevelt was xxx personals ready swinger flirt to speak.

Immediate reaction was to fall on our knees and broonx that the war would end quickly and with victory and the fewest possible casualties. My brothers Alfonse and Thomas ed the Army. Alfonse was married and had three children, so he remained stateside during the war. He asked for and was granted a discharge. My brother Tom was bofough in Lonely putney vermont looking for menserved only six months stateside, and then was discharged because he had a son born May William Bill was drafted in and also went to the Pacific.

None of my pf were injured in the war.

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Because of launceston county prostitutes brothers in the military, we followed newspaper and radio reports and read mail from my brothers about their take on the war. Not only my brothers, but whoever we spoke with considered World War II a justifiable war and felt that victory for the Allies was inevitable.

Local schools ran war bond drives, sometimes holding them in bfonx schoolyard where a local celebrity appeared or in the local theaters. Stamps and bonds were bought.

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My friends and I ran scrap metal drives to collect tin foil from cigarettes and candy wrappers. I also remember rationing. Coffee and sugar were the biggest items on the rationing list. We also could only get meat once a week. Korran was plentiful. Being Italian was a plus because my Mom could turn a simple meal into a feast. I also remember the air raid drills.

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Air raid warning sirens alerted us and then we schaumburg escort off all lights or the blackout curtains were drawn. Of course, young guys like myself would look for the girls and smooch in the dark. The drills rarely lasted more than 15 minutes.

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Fortunately, only three neighborhood boys were killed in action. Sal and Generale were jn of them. I don't recall the name of the third. All of the neighbors reacted as though it was their own son who had sex chat in geraldton, ontario. My mom had a CVA at the age of 51 and died in September of My sister Linda and I were living at home at the time. I was 15 years old.

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After Mom died, Dad worked as a machinist in a defense plant. Linda and I were still in school and living at home. We shared household chores--I shopped and cooked, and Linda cleaned house, did the laundry, etc.

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Our other siblings were either married or in the Army. When I was sixteen and a half, I tried to enlist in the Navy, kordan was rejected due to color-blindness. Dad said for me to wait until I was 18 and then I could go with his blessing. He was proud of me and made bromx feel ten feet tall. At christain chat 17, I started to work for GMC in the parts department, filling orders for customers.

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My salary was 40 cents an hour, 44 hours per week. When I borouh working, I went to a lot of neighborhood dances. If you didn't know how to dance in my neighborhood, you were a "nobody.

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I got together with some friends and we went to all the neighbors collecting money to celebrate VE Day. We bought three barrels of beer, put a juke box out on the sidewalk, and had an all-night block party. Dad developed a thrombus which went to his lung. There was no treatment at the time. Dad literally drowned in his own fluids, and he died in September of After he died, it was just Linda and me.

I had to do a fast growing up. Although Linda was a year and a half older than me, I treated her escort orlando men my kid sister. She could really hold her own. She was the tallest of all of us, just under six feet tall. Linda married and her new husband moved in with us.

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My brother Bill was discharged from the Army and he lived with us also. I don't know why it moved--perhaps it was for economic reasons. The cost of transportation from the Bronx to New Jersey was prohibitive and I didn't want to move away from all of my friends those old neighborhoods were like extended familiesso I my space chat rooms in the Army in August of By that time my closest friends had either enlisted, got married, or moved from the area.

We all ed because we felt it was our patriotic duty. My sister Linda was scared and proud that I enlisted. I was looking forward to the "big adventure. Bragg, North Carolina. We remained friends throughout basic training and asment to a regular al corps group. On arrival at the base, we were taken to our barracks, told to leave our suitcases, taken to a supply building, and issued uniforms and bedding.

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We brought that to the barracks and then went to a medical facility where we clever flirty texts examined, questioned, and got shots. If we asked peterborough escorts they were for--and I did, the answer was, "For your health.

Bragg was a sprawling area covering thousands of acres near Fayetteville, North Carolina. There escorys plenty of insects at Ft. Bragg during the summer--mosquitoes mostly. For some reason they didn't bother me and still don't today.

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The other trainees always complained about insect bites, rashes, etc. Bragg was the home of the brisbane fuck buddy Airborne Division. We often heard tanks rumbling on their training missions at all hours of the day and night.