Shot from the floor so there are a few obstructions from time to time, but overall this is a great watch with good video and audio quality. All video was color corrected to common scales and gamma levels, and color mapped to broadcast colors. Maybe 4th gen, pretty fuzzy grainy but good shot. Press ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ to fix this. Doesn’t get much better than this.

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PC Authored, Menu and Chapters.

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Main set is from the mpeg2 recorder and is true anamorphic Includes Helmet partial set duration: This also happens for a few seconds after whipping. Only contains first 55 minutes up to Leatherman.

Overall a very good exciting show a must for any pearl jam fan, just remember after porch you can get up and get a beer for the encore. The extras come from various tapes submitted to dvd. Excelent quality for a tape. Debut of disposable hero’s and maybe frst pro shot.


Killswitch Engage’s set from same day By the second song,you can see everything fine. Redone Version video is the same as above but i added a new 2source audio mix and made a menu for this dvd. Image quality and sound are average.

Halfway through the show, the cameraman moves onstage. It’s dark, but stunning visuals and very good sound for such a tough filming situation. Pro-Shot, TV breaks were edited out, one or two flaws in the show. There is a very small flaw on Disc 1.

Low gen – maybe 2nd gen, good picture. Angle far shot on Mike’s side, with little zooming in.

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No menu or chapters. This is shot by MTV with a single cam for a news piece they ran at the time. Metro’s 10th year anniversary show. Dolby Digital 2-channel 48kHz kbps. Digital 2 cam mix.

Lucky Boy is missing from Matt’s set. Ed Sullivan Theater A fixed version is planned. This is probably taken from a 2nd or 3rd gen vhs.


MTV Proshot, 6 songs only. Video source for Animal: The rest is upclose and personal. A couple of cuts due to tape flips. Aud-shot, single cam, very steady tripod?

The pro-shot video from the stage is quite excellent. Both are clear and steady. There are some cuts in the video and after the show at approx.