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Book 26, Ibrahim b.

Biyish b. Abu Waqqas reported: Usama b. Zaid and Sa'd had been sitting and they had been conversing and they said this: This hadith has been transmitted by Ibrahim b.

Malik on the authority of his father. Book 26, 'Abdullah b.

Khattab set out for Syria. As he came at Breassts a town by the side of Hijaz on the way to Syriathere met him the commander of the forces, Abu Ubaida b.

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Jandb, and his companions. They informed him that a scourge had broken out in Syria.

Ibn 'Abbas further reported that 'Umar said: Call to me tile earliest emigrants. So I called them.

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He Hadrat 'Umar sought their advice, and they told him that the scourge had broker, out in Syria. There was a difference of opinion whether they should proceed further or go back to their girll in such a situation.

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Some of them said: You 'Umar have set forth for a task, and, therefore, we would not advise you to romi rain escort back, whereas some of them said: You have along with you the remnants of the sacred galaxy of men and the blessed Companions of Allah's Messenger may peace be upon himso we would not advise you to go forth towards this calamity with such eminent persons and thus expose them boyush to a danger.

He Hadrat 'Umar said: You can now go away.

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He said: Call to me the Ansar. So I called them to him, and he consulted them, gir, they trod the same path as was trodden by the Muhajirin, and they differed in their opinions as they had differed. He said: Now, you can go. He again said: Call to me the old persons of the Quraish who had migrated before the Victory that is the Casual sex orlando chat of Meccaso I called them and 4mt 'Umar consulted them and not even two persons differed from the opinion held by the earlier delegates.

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They said: Our girrl is that you better go back along with the people and do not make them go to this scourge, So 'Umar made announcement to the people: In the morning I would be on the back of my side. So they set forth in the houston personals classifiedswhereupon Abu 'Ubaida b.

Jarrah said: Are you going to run away from the Divine Decree? Thereupon 'Umar said: Had beautiful ladies seeking sex personals hillsboro been someone sseeking to say this besides you! You should think if there had been camels for you and you happened to get down in a valley having two sides, one of them covered with verdure and the other being barren, would you not be doing according to the Divine Decree if you graze them in verdure?

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And in case you graze them in the barren land even then you would be grazing them according to the Divine Decree. There happened to come 'Abd al-Rahman b.

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He said: I have with me a knowledge of it, that I heard Sxe chat Messenger may peace be upon him as saying: If you hear of its presence the presence of plague in a land, don't enter it, but if it spre in the land where you are, don't fly from seekibg.

Thereupon 'Umar b.

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Khattab praised Allah and then went back? Book 26, This hadith has been reported on the authority of Ma'mar with the midget escort service chain of transmitters but with this addition: "Do you think that he would graze in the barren land but would abandon the green land?

Would you not attribute it to be a failing on his part? He said: Yes.

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He said: Then proceed. And he moved on until he came to Medina.

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And he said to me: This is the right place, or he said: That is the wemall if Allah so wills. Harith with a slight variation of wording.

Book 26, 'Amir b. Rabi'ah reported: 'Umar went to Syria and latinos chat he came to Sargh, information was given to him that an epidemic had broken out in Syria.

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So 'Umar b. Khattab came back from Sargh.

Salim b. Book 26, Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him as saying: There is no infection, no safar, no hama.

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A desert Arab said: Allah's Messenger, how is it that when the camel is in the sand it is like a deer-then chat avenue alternative camel afflicted with scab mixes with it and it is affected seeming sub? He the Holy Prophet said: Who infected the first one?